The Best Fake Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute Limited Edition Watch

Sterling Silver Dial with “Par Ėpargne” Treatment

The technical level of its beating heart is matched with the design of the cheap Breitling replica watch. The black dial with silver counters is executed superbly. The sterling silver base of the high-end watch is treated with “par épargne” technique which guarantees immaculate visibility of its indices. Since it is a chronograph, Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute naturally has a small seconds sub-dial and 12 hour and 30 minute counters. A date aperture is also visible on the face, and sits at the position that would be normally called between the four and five o’clock. However, in this instance, since it is a 24-hour dial, the date indication is at the nine o’clock place.

The wrist instrument appearance is underlined with the inclusion of the distinctive rotating bezel with a circular slide rule, while its face is protected with double anti-reflective cambered sapphire crystal. The best fake watch uk is fitted into a round stainless steel case with the medium diameter of 43 mm. The solid case back reveals the individual number in the limited edition of 1,962 timekeepers. It is decorated with the Aurora 7 logo, and made with an engraved temperature conversion scale, echoing the features of the Navitimer Carpenter used during his feat. The steel case of the anniversary model guarantees water resistance to 30 meters.

The Breitling fake watch can be paired with two types of leather straps: Barenia and crocodile leather. Other options are made from steel: Air Racer nracelet with round perforations and Navitimer 7-row bracelet made of solid pieces of steel.

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